Control of Your Financial Life

No longer will you get a form in the mail and worry that you do not understand what it is telling you. No more meetings with professionals where they use terms you do not understand. No more wondering if you have taken the steps needed to protect your financial future.

More Time to Emotionally Recover

This is a traumatic time in your life, and you probably will not feel like making decisions every day. Your financial guide has no financial incentive to sell you a product, so you can take your time making the right decision for you. You can focus more on your well-being than on remembering what you must do next.

Someone By Your Side For The Long Haul

Once the chaos settles down (and it will), you still have help a phone call, email, or text away. You know that “steering corrections” can happen to keep your plan running smoothly. You have new opportunities and risks pointed out to you before you reach them.

A Clear Financial Game Plan

Financial success to you is not bragging about “beating the market” or the next “can’t miss, get-rich-quick” scheme. For you, confidence comes from knowing where you can live, how to handle your savings, and how to put yourself in a place where you will feel financially OK.


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Prioritize Your Decisions

Whether divorced or widowed, you have a lot of decisions to make. We will combine the “brain dump” of things you know and the opportunities I can show you. Many decisions can wait but some will have deadlines. I’ll guide you in breaking this down into manageable tasks.

Take Care of Urgent Matters

Accounts may need to be divided, re-titled, or updated with new beneficiaries. Insurance protections and legal documents must be reviewed for needed changes. Attorneys and CPAs can help to ensure the steps are properly followed. I will guide you through these decisions with explanations in plain English.

Design Your New Financial Normal

Together we will develop a clear picture of your financial situation (rarely does a new client have their finances in order). We will position you to have options until you are ready to envision a new future. I will answer your questions until you feel confident about where your money goes.

Make it Happen

You will not receive a list of recommendations and a pat on the back and a “good luck!” I will be by your side making sure you not only know what to do but you also get it done. I will (caringly) hold you accountable to the promises you make to yourself. I do not sell you a product then disappear.

Keep You on Track

I will help you track your progress toward your goals. When new financial decisions arise, we can easily play with “what if” scenarios to help you understand the impact of the decision. I will also proactively bring new ideas, approaches, and opportunities to your attention.




What can you expect in the process of working together?


Post-Divorce Help

Handling the dividing and re-titling of accounts. Reviewing insurance protections and legal documents for needed changes. Taking advantage of tax opportunities.

Estate Resolution

Working with attorneys to ensure steps are properly followed. Handling insurance proceeds and settlements. Updating beneficiaries. Establishing a new financial “normal”.

Financial Education

Explaining your financial options in plain English, without condescension. Answering your questions until you feel confident about where your money goes. Teaching, not telling.


Developing a clearer picture of your financial situation (rarely does a new client have their finances in order). Setting up organizational systems for keeping on top of your financial life.


Holding you accountable to the promises you make to yourself. Ensuring you not only know what to do but you also get it done. Preventing the neglect of financial actions for less urgent issues.


Bringing new ideas and approaches to reaching your financial goals instead of waiting for your call. Keeping current on academic research and improving your plan with evidence-based solutions.

Progress Tracking

Using technology to help track your progress toward your goals. Experimenting with various “what if” scenarios and modeling the impact of changes to your plan. Making adjustments if your plan begins to steer off-course.


Developing a long-term relationship with an expert, not a call center. Ensuring you do not feel alone in making decisions and that you feel comfortable in your understanding of your choices.


Shielding you from making emotional decisions based on fear or greed. Accepting the best action may be taking no action at all. Coaching you on letting these temporary but destructive feelings pass.


Use academically-supported investment techniques instead of hopelessly trying to “beat the market”
Include high-quality, low cost investment and insurance products and eliminate ones that carry excessive expenses
Take the minimum amount of risk needed to keep your goals on track, instead of seeking out your “maximum risk tolerance”

Match up your amount of guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed income to your situation and your interest in taking risks
Take advantage of tax-saving opportunities when making withdrawals
Ensure your spending levels match up with your future goals

Analyze the use of your home equity to generate additional retirement income without jeopardizing other goals
Monitor your existing mortgage(s) for opportunities to refinance or pay down/off
Review lines of credit and other liens for suitability and alternatives

Provide objective evaluation of product pitches, high-pressure dinner seminars, and others who might prey on vulnerable women
Keep trusted family members, CPAs, and attorneys updated as much as you wish
Help put legal protections in place to keep your financial details as private as possible

Maximize the benefits you receive from the complex Social Security rules, including those for ex-spouses and survivors
Time the collection of Social Security to reduce potential conflicts with your current income
Assist you with the applications for Social Security benefits, Medicare, and Medicare Supplement (“Medigap”) policies

Coordinate with trusted tax professionals on your behalf to reduce demands on your time during tax preparation
Take advantage of opportunities in the tax code to reduce your future taxes (i.e. Roth conversions, income acceleration, etc.)
Manage your investments with tax reduction strategies like tax-loss harvesting

Evaluate your insurance needs for protection from unexpected medical expenses, long-term care, accidents, or other unforeseen events
Monitor your existing policies to ensure they remain cost-efficient and needed
Coordinate insurance benefits from employers with personally-owned policies to prevent overlap or gaps

 Explain and coordinate pension, 401(k), 403(b), and other employer-provided benefits with your overall financial plan
Identify weaknesses or gaps in employer-provided insurance coverage and assist with getting supplemental benefits as needed
Review benefit changes and assist with annual open enrollment period decisions


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