Are you properly equipped to steer your finances through retirement?

How much can you safely spend in retirement?

How do you know when your strategies need adjustment before it is too late?

Does the source of your advice have your best interests in mind at all times?

Welcome to III Financial, specializing in providing unbiased answers to your toughest retirement questions in a distinctively clear manner.

You can have a financial blueprint that…

Focus on financial success

Clear answers for retirement

Spend less time and effort

Focuses on the Real Drivers of Financial Success

Clearly Tells You What
You Want to Know

Takes Less Time and Effort to Build and Keep Current

  • Adjusting retirement spending based on your reality, instead of using flawed “safe” withdrawal rates.

  • Concise action plans and useful status reports, instead of static plans filled with spreadsheets, charts, and jargon.

  • Utilize patented planning software that does not require gathering volumes of financial information.
  • Making progress toward your goals, instead of excessive emphasis on your portfolio’s rate of return.
  • Specific account balance targets for 1, 3, and 5 years that would keep you on track toward your goals.
  • Receive frequent progress reports, requiring little or no work on your part to create.
  • Avoiding unnecessary risks, instead of seeking to take the maximum risk you can tolerate.
  • Understandable answers to how much impact a change in savings habits or investment risk could make to your goals.
  • Work with an adviser who meets where it is convenient to you, instead of wasting hours in the car.


    Many people could be missing key ingredients in their financial plan.

    What are they and what can you do about it?

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